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Ducks Gameday -- Armor on!

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Game Four: (4) Anaheim Ducks at (5) Nashville Predators, 5:30 pm
Predators lead series 2-1.
Anaheim Calling and On The Forecheck -- dive on in!

Just a cartoon for today -- I'll try to make up for it in game comments tonight.  Spade wrote up some of the major issues going into this game -- Teemu's anger, Barstool's accusations, etc. -- should be a classic G4 battle tonight!

Sorry, everybody.  Saw 'Iron Man 2' last week and it unfortunately stuck with me.

Go drama!

Prediction: Just when it seems there's no hope, Robert Duckey Jr. is able to design a whole new power core or something and confusingly boosts his way to victory.

Go Ducks.