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Battle of California Playoff Pick 'em: Round 2

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Get your thinking caps on, everybody, because it's time to make your predictions for round 2. If you didn't participate in round 1 you can still join, but since you've already missed out on the chance for a lot of points you probably won't win or anything.

In round 1 guessing the winning team correctly was worth 1 point and guessing the correct number of games was worth an additional point if you guessed the winning team correctly.

In round 2 guessing the winning team will be worth 2 points. Guessing the correct number of games will still be worth only 1 point.

You can make your predictions for round 2 here. Get your predictions in before the games start Thursday afternoon to make sure they are counted - the form will lock around that time. Also make sure you match whatever name you entered the first time, because otherwise this will get confusing.

To review how everyone guessed in round 1 (and laugh and laugh at how wrong people were) you can go here.

After the jump you can see how the scores currently stand.

Four people are tied with 11 points. "Accuracy points" are our tie-breaker, and a lower score there is better, but beyond that I don't really understand how it works so hopefully someone will explain it in the comments. Anyways congrats to current leaders Angy and Michael Jew, whoever he is!

After the two leaders we have warning and WillR, also with 11 points. Right behind those two we have somebody named "Megalodon" with 10 points and an 8 for accuracy. I don't know who this mysterious genius is but something tells me he is a really handsome dude.

The full scores are below.

Scotty doesn't know shit.