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BoC Gameday: Booze Bet

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Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ Anaheim Ducks

Friday, Apr 8, 2011, 7:00 PM PDT
Honda Center

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(Tonight's game is on KDOC. Count how many times you hear the word "Marginal.")


Way back in October, my roommate and I made 2 bets: one was on who would finish higher in the standings, the Kings or Ducks, while the other was over who would score more points between Ryan Getzlaf, Anze Kopitar or Mike Richards.* I already lost the 2nd bet, as you probably noticed, but I'm oh so close to winning the 1st bet. Winner gets a handle of alcohol.

The Kings have 98 points.

The Ducks have 95.

If the Kings win both games, they finish in 4th place and the Ducks hope Dallas doesn't win their last 2 games or the Ducks miss the playoffs.

If the Ducks win both games, they most likely finish in 4th or 5th while Kings finish in 7th or 8th.

If the Kings win both, one in overtime, then the loser point doesn't really help the Ducks.

If the Ducks win both, one in overtime, then the Kings & Ducks tie in points but the Ducks will finish higher because of tiebreakers... I think. I'm not Quisp.

If the Kings & Ducks split overtime games, everyone wins: the Kings most likely get 4th or 5th, the Ducks make the playoffs, and I win a bottle of whiskey. I'm really not seeing a downside to this one.

I'm not too optimistic because the Kings aren't very good without Kopitar & Williams and plus God seems to hate me this season but who knows? Maybe the magical Ben Wah Ball will finally fall out of Corey Perry's ass and he'll go back to being the 35-goal scorer he actually is. Maybe Teemu Selanne will suddenly age like Dorian Gray or Dick Clark. Maybe Dan Ellis will get attacked by his genetically-engineered compies on his private island in Costa Rica. Or maybe the Kings will win because the Ducks aren't really that good either.

*My other roommate is a Flyers fan and wanted in. He is also an idiot. Mike Richards? Really?

Prediction: Kings win, 4-3. Tomorrow my roommate tells me he already gave me my bottle of whiskey and I can't remember if he did or not.