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Sharks Gameday: Prior to the Fire

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San Jose Sharks
@ Phoenix Coyotes

Friday, Apr 8, 2011, 7:00 PM PDT Arena

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Yo, Sharks be hurtin'.

Working the Corners has all the updates. Scott Nichol might be back for the first time since mid-February. Ryane Clowe has some sort of super-vague lower-body thing, and we aren't getting any information on that. Brandon Mashinter cut his face open on the ice after being totally awesome all game against the Ducks. Joe Thornton only had about 12 minutes of ice time against Anaheim, his lowest of the season, so people are wondering if something is up with him, too. He didn't look hurt to me, but I'm not a doctor anymore (since the lawsuit) so what do I know?

The game against the Ducks was a crazy debacle. It highlighted San Jose's number one area of concern, the penalty kill, and was basically a big joke. After playing as well as the Sharks have been for so long I guess they've earned one game in a LONG while where they are terrible without everybody panicking and criticizing them, so I'll hold off on that.

Most of the playoff positioning issues that the Sharks give a crap about are outside their control. Honestly it's tough to say at this point if second or third place would make for an easier first-round match-up, and the Sharks could still end up playing any of like nineteen different teams or something, so what the heck? Why not just go out and kick ass and win? That would be cool.

Prediction: Nothing really matters at this point, but winning still feels good. Sharks win 4-2. Joe Thornton assists Joe Pavelski on a goal so we get those pesky statistical milestones out of the way.