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Sharks Gameday: Ferriero Tale

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The series has Benn great so far.
The series has Benn great so far.


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Detroit Red Wings
@ San Jose Sharks

Sunday, May 1, 2011, 12:00 PM PDT
HP Pavilion

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When I heard that Benn Ferriero was going to be in the lineup yesterday, I tweeted this:

Oh boy, Bennn Ferrerreio!

Then I saw him, with his long hair and beard, and I said:

Holy crap, benn ferreriro looks like Keanu Reeves.


And then after that I said:

I refuse to believe that a team with a dude as awesome-looking as Benn Ferrirororo can lose.

Well it turns out I was right. The awesome power of Benn's Keanu-hair came through in the clutch.

The Sharks dominated most of the play in game one, but there was enough back and forth and close calls to show that this series will be a tough one, and each game is going to be a battle.

The biggest question mark for the Sharks going into the series was Antti Niemi, and in game one he was exactly what the Sharks needed him to be. He will most likely be tested more tonight as the Red Wings adjust and look to generate more offense.

Prediction: Awesome hockey, awesome beards. Sharks win 3-2, with goals from Pavelski, Thornton, and Boyle.