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Battle of California Playoff Pick 'em: Round 3

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Here we go again again!

It's time to make your predictions for round 3. In round 1 each correct prediction was one point, in round 2 each was two points. I'll allow you some time to graph that information and see if you can figure out how many points each correct guess will be worth in this, the third round.

Nailing the correct number of games in addition to the correct team will still be worth one point.

You can make your predictions for round 3 here. Get your predictions in before the game starts on Saturday to make sure they are counted - the form will lock around that time. Also make sure you match whatever name you entered the first time, because otherwise this will get confusing.

To review how everyone guessed in round 2 and to see the points they earned, go here

After the jump you can see how the scores currently stand.

Remember: your cup-winner prediction from our first round of guesses is worth three bonus points in the end if you managed to get it right. I hope your choice hasn't been eliminated yet!