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Sharks Injuries: The Walking Dead

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One of the many injuries kept secret during the playoffs: Joe Pavelski's shins were completely removed following a nasty slash from Christian Ehrhoff.
One of the many injuries kept secret during the playoffs: Joe Pavelski's shins were completely removed following a nasty slash from Christian Ehrhoff.

I'm still technically on my post-playoffs vacation, but @brodiebrazilCSN just dumped a bunch of Sharks injury information on us that deserves a little discussion.

First, aside from the separated shoulder that he already confirmed, we've learned more about Joe Thornton's other injury: some freaky pinky-finger thing. According to Brazil (the Sharks dude, not the country), "Joe Thornton's left pinky tip is not attached to the rest of his finger." Gah!

Working the Corners has more on Thornton's disgusting injury:

Late in the regular season, he hurt his left pinky -– courtesy of the stick of Dallas’ Stephane Robidas. Later, as he compensated for that injury, his right wrist began to ache.

"My pinky went in a different direction than it was supposed to," Thornton said. "The top just got cut off and they had to put it back together. It happened with a couple games left in the regular season. That surgery probably will happen tomorrow."

Dude, that's just gross. When the top of your finger falls off you can't just stick it back on top - it's part of your body, not a sand castle.

Second, Jason Demers' absence in the Canucks series has been explained: he sprained his ankle in game seven vs. Detroit. That's why Sharks fans were "treated" to Kent Huskins in the most important games of the year. Huskins wasn't often a noticeable liability against the Canucks, I guess, but even if Demers had a wooden leg there's still only a fifty-fifty chance I'd take him out of the lineup in favor of Huskins.

Next we have Logan Couture, who suffered a broken nose in game three against the Canucks. That's obviously nothing major if you're a hockey player, but it still has to suck.

Brazil's injury tweets* continued with "Ryane Clowe could not even put on his own sweater in the series." What Brodie doesn't mention, of course, is that Clowe wasn't actually injured: he just has a really hard time dressing himself.

Dany Heatley took a lot of heat from Sharks fans for his lack of production, and now we might have a bit of an explanation: "Heatley played with a broken hand for much of the late regular season, and then twisted his ankle bad in game 3 vs on one-timer."

This is awkward. We talked a lot of shit about Heatley and now it turns out he was hurt pretty badly the whole time. It's just like that time I got really pissed off at the guy who was blocking my way on the sidewalk and I yelled at him and then it turned out he was blind.

Sorry Dany. Feel better!

And finally, judging by this photo, Devin Setoguchi has cancer.

None of these are excuses, of course; I'm sure a lot of the Canucks players are  dealing with injuries as well. But these are the sorts of details that it's important to keep in mind when reviewing a player's performance or, more importantly, when you get in an argument with someone about who the "toughest" athletes are.

* = Good band name.