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Battle of California Playoff Pick 'em: Finals

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Hockey is still happening? Oh, okay.

It's time to make your predictions for the finals. In round 1 each correct prediction was one point, in round 2 each was two points, then three points, and now it's four points for getting the winning team right in this final round.

Nailing the correct number of games in addition to the correct team will still be worth one point.

You can make your final prediction here. Get your prediction in before the game starts on Wednesday to make sure it is counted - the form will lock around that time. Also make sure you match whatever name you entered the first time, because otherwise this will get confusing.

Back in round one everyone could make a prediction for the Stanley Cup winner - getting that correct will be worth three bonus points. These extra points will probably be important, since everyone with a brain is going to pick the Canucks in this round.

After the jump you can see how the scores currently stand. I'm still not really set on a prize for our winner, but I'm sure I'll think of something. Or not.