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Sharks Gameday: Quick and Painless

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Warning: this video contains mild Deadwood spoilers as well as graphic and awesome violence.

For this video to have the proper effect you need to imagine that Nicklas Lidstrom is ordering the whiskey and Pavel Datsyuk is ordering the beer.

Next Game

Detroit Red Wings
@ San Jose Sharks

Sunday, May 8, 2011, 5:00 PM PDT
HP Pavilion

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Megalodon's Sunday Special - Keys to the Game

1. Score more goals than the Red Wings.

2. Don't let the Red Wings score a lot.

3. Hit people.

4. If possible, run Nicklas Lidstrom over with an ice cream truck.


Prediction: A happy San Jose crowd gets to see a handshake. Sharks win 3-2, with goals from White, Thornton, and Pavelski.