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Surprise, everybody!  I'm not dead!  Sorry for the unannounced blog hiatus, but it's sort of become an annual spur-of-the-moment tradition for me -- the lazy factor kicks into overdrive for a few weeks once the Ducks stop playing.

But that little hangover is over with now, and we can get back to some blog business.  Because it's a pretty specific morning I decided to come back on.  Fucking Blog Birthday!

That's right -- five years ago today, if you can believe it, a nobody named James Mirtle started up a Battle of Alberta mock-up without any bloggers and with absolutely no seriousness, and look at how far we've come over the years!  Now we have a handful of bloggers and absolutely no seriousness -- hooray!

Cartoon's a bit rusty coming off my blog hangover, but I like it!

Anyways, I haven't paid much attention to what's going on in Duckland lately, other than watching Fowler play some World Championships.  But we've got plenty of summer for that Anaheim's offseason -- as usual, the ball's in Teemu's court.  :)

So pour a drink tonight -- happy birthday, blog!

Go BoC.