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G7 Gameday -- Cup For Grabs

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(3) Boston Bruins at (1) Vancouver Canucks, 5 pm
Series tied 3-3.
Stanley Cup of Chowder and Nucks Misconduct -- who will suffer the last gutpunch of 2010-11?

Sorry, Nucks fans -- it's been your kiss of death this series, but I had to post a cartoon today, mostly for selfish reasons.  After all, the Ducks are the only west coast team to win a Stanley Cup and still the last NHL team to win it at home, and I'm not overly eager to share those bragging rights just yet. 

Still, it's been a pretty fun series, despite all the silliness -- should be a classic battle-for-it-all tonight!


No pun or gimmick to today's cartoon -- the ol' simple approach, but I wasn't coming up with much this morning -- here's the runner up entries:

Last_bearbender_sketch_medium Orca_bear_claw_sketch_medium

Unfortunately, I'll be taking off just about as the puck drops, so play nice.  And tomorrow: it's officially summertime!  Hooray!

Prediction: Somebody fakes an injury in the handshake line.

Go Drama.