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UFA Day 2011 -- Spend your brains out!

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This could be a really strange UFA season.

Some teams like Buffalo are overspending because they've recently fallen into rich ownership.  Some teams like Florida are overspending in order to reach the ever-climbing salary cap floor.  Some teams like Toronto are overspending because it's completely in their nature -- they know no other way.


It's a bit of a daunting environment for the BoC teams, but it's not terrible -- we may not have the dollars to throw crazily around like other teams, but we do represent 3 playoff teams that operate out of sunny and stress-free California, and that isn't valueless.  And besides, the top ends of all three BoC rosters seem mostly committed already; there isn't a huge need for any of the teams to go batshit-crazy today.

We shall see -- at the very least, we can enjoy watching other teams overspend and overcommit today; should be a blast.

Go Checkbooks.