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its an optical illusion the Cogs keep turning non-stop!!! I swear!!

My comp is a bitch with over 100 comments so Im posting this to talk more about our new aquire maybe new aquire assuming he signs with us:Andrew Cogliano

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he's 5'-9"..plays all forward positions..or at least they tried him there....and former first round pic...blah...blah ...blah...but what else? well

Im a beefcake!!




this one is for Rudy...Andrew is far right

he also dressed up as Dany Heatly for halloween...Im blocked from watching videos here..but supposdly there proof in the link below

and Penner was dresses as Santa, with NO TRADE on his back, so he was the No Trade Claus


a quote about andrew:

But Andrew does have a soft side and participates in charity work with the team.  He's been a part of the "Oilers & Friends Softball Classic" and, more recently, visiting children in local Edmonton hospitals.

so when Andrew is not posing for Gay mens magazines he visits boys in hospitals and runs around with sweaty guys playing softball......Welcome Andrew!!!


Where does he fit? would expect between Brandon Mcmillian and Sexton?...though Sexton being a smaller player too..might make more sense to have some size protecting ole little sexy andrew...hmm...I think the ducks arent done and get some size for the 3rd line but well see..thoughts?