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UFA Day II: Are We Having FUN, Yet?!?

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This is the worst shit ever. When I watch Brad Richards on Sportsnet and TSN, I see he wants:

1) Stable ownership

2) A chance to win over a long period of time

Well AEG is one of the richest, most influential owners in the league and the Kings' core has 2 amazing players under 25 and another one that's 26 sooooo...

Still, probably not going to happen. He's probably going to New York. Or Toronto. Or any team that's not the Flames. Hahaha, can you imagine? The Flames??? Bwaaahahahaha!!!

Anyway, this is one of those things that seems like it'd be cool but, while I do get some great laughs (Bwaahahaha, the Flames!!!) it's ultimately going to be aggravating and depressing. Pretty much like Party Down.