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BoC Exclusive: Trevor Lewis' Cruise Diary

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(This past weekend, the Kings had their annual fan cruise. Originally meant to have Wayne Simmonds, Drew Doughty and Trevor Lewis, a trade and a contract dispute left Lewis the sole King representative on board. This is his diary of the trip.)

Friday, July 22nd 3:23 PM

Mood: Excited!

Wooo Spring Break Cancun!

Haha, just kidding! What's up, Diary! I know it's been a long time since I wrote in you but I figured now's a great time to start back up again. I'm currently writing from inside my stateroom on a Carnival cruise ship. The Kings are having their annual Fan Cruise and I'm here to represent the team! It was supposed to be me, Wayne Simmonds and Drew Doughty but Wayne got traded and Drew... well, I'm sure he's doing something important. I called him to see what it was but it rang once and then went to voicemail. And then I was going to bring a friend of mine but that kind of fell through so I'm here by myself. Oh well, I guess that means I'll get to spend more time with the fans! They're really what it's all about.

OK Diary, gotta go. It's dinner time, followed by a Q&A session! I'll let you know how it goes. Trevor Out!

Friday, July 22nd 6:47 PM

Mood: Stuffed

Well, that was kind of fun. Dinner was great (Don't tell our strength coach but I had 2 entrees. Hey, it's vacation, right?) and then I did a Q&A session. That was... alright. Once we got the initial questions out of the way ("Who are you?" was a popular one), I got a few questions about Doughty and his contract. Well, not a few, more like every question was about Doughty and his contract. Luckily I had done some reading so I was able to explain a few things, but finally the Kings rep said there were to be no more questions about Doughty. The Q&A segment ended about 30 seconds later.

Still, it was good to be out among the fans. They're pretty passionate and that's what I like to see. You'd think they'd know more about a solid contributor like myself but that's OK. I'm sure I'll get more 1-on-1 time with the fans tomorrow and get some solid face time in.

But now, it's gambling time! I've got $20 burning a hole in my pocket and I'm going to go nuts on the penny slots. Hopefully I don't get hounded too much by the fans! Haha, just kidding.


Friday, July 22nd 11:10 PM

Mood: ...

Good News: I didn't get hounded too much!

Bad News: I didn't get hounded at all, really.

Good News: Someone finally asked me a question that wasn't about Drew Doughty!

Bad News: They asked me where the bathroom was.

Really Bad News: I didn't know    : (


Saturday, July 23rd, 8:45 AM

Mood: Optimistic

Hey there, Diary! Hope you're having a pleasant morning. I know I am. I got up early and hit the gym, then went for a run on the deck. Nothing like an early morning sweat to get you ready for the day, right? And a busy day it is for me! I've got an autograph session and then we hit fabulous Ensenada, Mexico! I've never been to Mexico so I'm pretty excited. Boy, whoever thought a kid from Salt Lake City could get an opportunity like this? Well, I better get going. Wish me luck!


Saturday, July 23rd, 11:10 AM

Mood: A little upset

Look, I get that I'm not Anze Kopitar or anything but I am pretty important to the Kings. I am on the penalty kill. I play like 10 minutes a night. So why the heck does no one know who I am?

I'm sorry, Diary, I don't mean to curse, but it can get a little upsetting when Bailey has a line going around the pool and I have no one at my table. It wouldn't have been so bad if Bailey wasn't chirping me the whole time. Yeah, I get it, you have more fans than me and you ain't lion. Oh yeah? Well I'm a good person so there!

Oh man, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings when I said that.

Well, at least now I get to have some alone time in Mexico. It should be kind of fun, a buddy of mine told me about this place called Papas & Beer so I'm going to hit it up. I guess it's kind of a happening place. Don't worry, Diary, I'll get you a t-shirt! Haha, j/k, diaries can't wear shirts.


Saturday, July 23rd, 4:22 PM

Mood: Sober as abird


oh god why does no one know who i am


Sunday, July 24th, 10:55 AM


I guess I owe you an explanation, Diary. I was at Papas & Beer, mingling with the public, when a man came up to me and asked me if I was a Los Angeles King. I was so excited, Diary, so excited that there was finally someone that recognized me. We talked and talked for almost 2 hours, about the Kings and the playoffs and next year. He was buying me drinks and shots and I guess I had a little too much and then he started asking me about playing for Owen Sound and we talked about that for a little while.

Then he asked me, "So what was it like playing with Paul Bissonette on the Attack? I heard that guy is pretty crazy."

I confusedly replied, "Huh? Bissonette played for the Attack in 2004, I didn't start with them until 2006?"

Then he said... he said...

He said this: "Wait, aren't you Brad Richardson?"

The next thing I knew I was beating the man, raining blow after blow down on his unconscious body. The ground grew wet with his blood and my tears. Daryl Evans yelled, "Kyle, no!" and tried to pull me off the fan and I slugged him too. Finally Dennis Bernstein wrestled me to the ground and they brought me back to my room as I yelled, "I'M TREVOR LEWIS!!!" over and over again.

I just don't get it, Diary: I've worked so hard my entire life to become an NHL player and now apparently that's not good enough. A guy like Drew will hold out and everyone will forgive him the second he signs, but I'm here. I give everything for this team that I love and work so hard for and no one... no one gives a shit.

Well, I've had it. They want spoiled millionaires on their team, fine. I can be a spoiled millionaire. ...Well, not yet, but the next contract I sign, I'll be a spoiled millionaire. I'll buy expensive clothes and fancy cars and I'll lord it over all of them. They'll see! Soon they'll all see. And they'll all know the name "Trevor Lewis!" Hahahahahahahahahahahaha