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Dan Boyle's Favorite Bands: A Critical Perspective

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Dan Boyle has been spending his summer in California for the first time ever, and the Sharks website decided to interview him about it. After some discussion about how nice the weather is in California, how much Boyle liked Big Sur, and how Boyle is at "maximum fitness*", they get to the good stuff: the concerts he has gone to during the summer!

I always love these little humanizing details about players. You can find out some of the Sharks' favorite movies and musicians by clicking on their names in the roster and then scrolling to the bottom of their "Bio" section, but this interview about Boyle's concerts promises much more detail. Let's enjoy:

Boyle has also been absorbing the Bay Area’s music offerings by seeing top entertainers at various local venues.

What sorts of bands does Dan Boyle like?

"I’ve seen Eddie Vedder. The Deftones," Boyle said.

Okay, those are both acceptable. The Deftones are great, and Eddie Vedder can be boring but he's good too I guess. Dan Boyle is a pretty cool guy!

I’m going to see A Perfect Circle, which is one of my favorite bands.

I like A Perfect Circle, so Dan Boyle's stock is rising with me. He actually has good musical taste, which is really refreshing coming from a hockey player. Even if you don't like the bands mentioned so far you've got to admit his choices could be MUCH worse. He could be like Logan Couture, who never shuts up about god damn Drake on his Twitter, or Patrick Marleau, who lists his favorite musicians as "Nickelback and The Tragically Hip," which is such a horrible answer that I suspect someone wrote that on the Sharks website as a joke.

All I'm saying is it seems like Dan Boyle has solid taste in music and -

We saw Godsmack at Shoreline at a festival.

Oh. Oh, nevermind.

Godsmack is a horrible, horrible band. They became semi-popular around the turn of the century riding the fecal wave of nu-metal bands and have been ruining Ozzfests and other heavy metal shows ever since. I don't know how they are possibly still around and alive - my working hypothesis is that the band members are so riddled with herpes they have now become impossible to eradicate.

It looks like Boyle went to this concert, which means that the other headliners were Megadeth (a fine band) and Disturbed (another bunch of commercial-metal whores that no one should be paying money to see in 2011). The only excuse for attending this abomination would be if he just went to see Megadeth, but no, he specifically mentioned Godsmack.

So disregard everything I said about Dan Boyle's music tastes.

* = When I read this I thought that maybe "maximum fitness" was a real term from exercise science or something, so I tried to Google it. All that I found were products and gyms with that name, so I guess it's just some weird BS that the author of this story made up. If I'm wrong maybe that one guy who reads our blog and is a physical trainer who had sex with David Beckham can let us know in the comments.