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Shock and Balls: Heatley/Havlat Swapped

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What the hell?

San Jose Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson announced today that the club has acquired forward Martin Havlat from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for forward Dany Heatley.

Well I don't think anybody in the world saw that coming. Crazy!

The Bad: Heatley has scored more goals than Martin Havlat, and if he has a rebound year then the Sharks could regret trading away a major part of their offense.

The Good: Havlat is faster and better defensively. He's also a couple million dollars cheaper, which is going to be important as Doug Wilson tries to re-sign guys like Burns and Couture after this next season. Also, if Heatley continues on a downward trend (which Doug Wilson has historically been pretty good at anticipating) and Havlat flourishes alongside more talented line-mates (a definite possibility) then this could turn out to be a stroke of genius.

The Final Word:

@CopperandBlue What a great deal for San Jose

I'm reassured, and you should be too. I can't wait for the season to start.