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I require your assistance!

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ryane clowe terminator
ryane clowe terminator

I have entered a short-story writing contest, and I would like you all to vote for me. You can go here and do so right now, and skip the rest of this post. I know you're a very busy and important person.

If you're sticking around to read some more, you probably want additional information. You can read a description of the contest here, but basically it goes like this:

1. Write a short story that begins with the line "The robot felt" and ends with the line "In the end, the robot felt nothing. He wasn’t programmed to." I did that already.

2. Get a lot of people to vote for your story. Public voting is supposed to be based on the story's entertainment value and how likely you are to purchase the story, so if you think my story sucks I guess don't vote for it. You can read all the other stories people wrote here. There are a lot of them.

3. The top five stories in terms of vote-getting will be evaluated by a panel of judges. The best story will then (possibly) be published in an upcoming sci-fi book by Paul Malmont.

Voting starts today and goes until July 15th. Each person can vote once per day. If you really want me to win, please vote every day between now and next Friday.

"But wait," you may be saying to yourself, "I don't like Meg, and I want him to feel bad. Therefore I will NOT vote for him! Haha!"

This is wrong. If you hate me and want me to feel bad, then you should definitely vote for me every single day! Why? Consider this: if I lose in this first, voting-based round, I'm not going to feel very bad at all. I'll be mildly disappointed, but I'll be able to easily blame the loss on the stupid "popularity contest" format. If, however, I get enough votes to get into the final round, and THEN I lose, when I know that the judges are deciding based on writing quality...then I'm going to be devastated. So you see? If you want me to feel really bad, you've got to vote for me!

Regardless of your motivations, I would be very grateful if you voted for my story.

Thank you all for your time and your votes.

Go vote here, if you haven't already, and keep voting every day until July 15th!