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The Kings Power Play: Who Plays Where?

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-Where the hell am I going? -I have no idea! (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
-Where the hell am I going? -I have no idea! (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Dustin Penner
Simon Gagne
Drew Doughty
Anze Kopitar
Jack Johnson

Scott Parse Dustin Brown
Justin Williams Alec Martinez
Mike Richards

I've seriously been thinking about this for like 2 hours and this seems like the best tack to take. Gagne is best down in that corner, where he can either throw it up top or curl in for a shot. Johnson can play point and drive me crazy use the space up along the blue line to set up Doughty and Kopitar for shots. Penner can block the net or pop out for one-timers.

The 2nd unit is a mirror of the 1st, with Justin Williams along the half-wall (like he was right before he got hurt last season). Richards is up top and quarterbacking everything. Martinez is taking one-timers. Dustin Brown is in front of the net since the Kings lost the 3 guys who played in front of the net last year (Ryan Smyth, Michal Handzus and Alexei Ponikarovsky). I'm thinking Brown and Penner should switch but I'll leave them there for now. Parse is there too because why not?

Oh, and no Jarret Stoll.

That's what I got so far.

Chipotle owns.