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Ziggy: The Remakes

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Last week Meg brought up the fact that we weren't really meeting a particular google-searcher's needs:


Search Keyword Activity for the Last 3 Days
5 ziggy
3 ziggy cartoon

Earl Sleek:

I now feel kind of bad that we’re not offering more Ziggy.


Get to work, cartoon boy!

And so I did, drawing three pretty fun but pretty lazy Ziggy cartoons. They were all uncolored, not fully legible, and only got inserted in the comments section of others' posts.  But I liked the stupid pun jokes in them, so I did a little coloring and typing this morning.  The results aren't always better -- sketches do have their charm, and many of you have seen these jokes before -- but now we have an official landing post for our determined Ziggy googler.

Just like George Lucas, here's me remastering a trilogy...

A New Ziggy:


Ziggy Strikes Back:


Return of the Ziggy:


Oh, Ziggy -- will you ever earn your overpriced contract?  :)

Go Plagiarism.