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I don't know why they call these the Dogs Days of Summer, these days aren't awesome at all. Anyway, I was trying to find a clip for that Doughty article I wrote a bit ago; I couldn't find it but I did end up watching goal highlights for about 2 hours. ...I miss hockey so much. Anyway, enjoy!

I like this one because it's Anze Kopitar & Dustin Brown manhandling one of the best shutdown duos of the year in Dan Hamhuis & Kevin Bieksa.

Hahaha, oh Kyle.

This was probably my favorite game of the year.

You ever notice how many pretty goals Dustin Brown has a hand in? It's almost like he's good at hockey or something.

Also, when you search "Dustin Brown Stoll" it asks if you meant to search for "Dustin Brown Stool." Why yes, yes I did!

Williams-Kopitar-Penner. Hooray!

Jesus Fucking Christ, that pass. I can't wait to see that wacky Slovenian again.