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iBoC: SB Nation's New iPhone App

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Time to install updates on a classic!

By the time this post publishes, I'll be on a plane flying eastward -- I've got a family get-together this weekend in New York.  When the plane stops for its layover, though, I'll definitely check in to see how this post looks...

SB Nation iPhone app

...on SB Nation's new free iPhone App!  That's right, iFolks!  SBN Technologies has been diligently working on a new mobile interface, and while it's still in its early phase (and currently only for iPhones), the app is easy to add, and it's free!  You can search for "SB Nation" in the App Store, or you can go here and "Download Now".  

Here's a quick walkthrough video and the FAQ we were provided:

SBN demo from Mark on Vimeo.


  1. An Android version of the app is coming soon. Hopefully by the end of the year
  2. The app is free
  3. Comments are basic read-and-reply, but SB Nation has plans to enhance them in future updates
  4. You can use your existing SB Nation user name and password to log in to the app

Any questions, feedback, comments? E-mail

* * *

So far as I can tell from a very brief field test, commenting behaves like the mobile site that exists -- no quick way to find out which of the 100+ comments is the newest one, though there is a timestamp if you have to know.  Also, there's no "green comment" feature yet.  But (a) we've been assured that "rush to new comment" feature is coming, and (b) not sure if this will continue, but when I go back to my laptop, it's still showing newer comments as "unread", even after I've seen them on the App.  So I can at least browse comments on the App without worrying too much about seeing every last new comment -- seems they'll still be available later.

However, I think I am really going to like the "Lineup" feature -- you can set it up to quickly look at the latest posts for a blog, a team, or a sport.  So while generally I might spend most of my time looking at latest posts from BoC, Anaheim Calling, Jewels From The Crown, or Fear The Fin, I could also do a quick check to see what's been written anywhere on the network about the "Anaheim Ducks", "Los Angeles Kings", or "San Jose Sharks".  Or I could just see what's going on in "Hockey", and get a quick taste of what the latest posts are from across all SBN sites.  It seems very well built for keeping track of what's going on across multiple sites or even multiple sports -- I think the network just grew a bit stronger.

At any rate, I only found out about this yesterday so I haven't played around with it too much -- if you've got an iPhone, download it and give it a try!  What do you think?

Go Mobility.