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Picture Patrick Marleau relaxing in a deck chair next to a pool. The sun is shining. It's pleasantly hot.

Patrick's wearing a straw hat and sunglasses. In his hand he has a glass of something brightly colored. The drink has a decorative umbrella in it that is so big he has to take it out every time he wants a sip.

It's summer time, and Patrick doesn't have a care in the world.

Is he worried about his team's best defenseman holding out all year?


Is he worried about the second-best player on his team announcing his retirement right before the season starts?


He's just chillin'.

There's plenty of time for worry later. Soon Patrick will realize that he remembered his headphones but forgot his iPod. He'll spill his drink all over himself. His hat will be stolen by a stiff breeze. He'll try to get up out of the chair but he'll lean on one of the arms and it will break and the whole thing will tip over and he'll end up sprawled on the hot concrete.

Savor this time, Sharks fans. It'll be over far too soon.