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Kings Gameday: Wait, What

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Terry Murray on Jarret Stoll, per Hammond:

We have two No. 1 center icemen there with (Anze) Kopitar and (Mike) Richards, and I think this is going to be great for Jarret Stoll, to fit into that No. 3 position. He’s a great checker and I think it’s going to give him more minutes over the long haul, because that’s the look that I go to against the top opposition.


Murray's just blowing smoke up Stoll's ass, right? There's no way Stoll is playing anything but the third easiest minutes. I mean, you have two excellent, excellent defensive centers above him and just because there's this antiquated notion that your "third line" is your shutdown line doesn't mean that... I mean, that would just be...

Dammit, Terry. This whole preseason is ruined.

(I think the fact that Scott Parse is in that third line role means that Murray's still on track to use the third line as a scoring line. If Lewis moves up to that spot, though, then I'll start flipping the fuck out. Also, the only way I can think that Stoll will play more minutes is if Anze plays less and Stoll gets used as the center coming off  a power play/penalty kill.)

Two games tonight, one in Phoenix and one in LA. Simon Gagne is missing the first possible game he can play with the flu; I guess he wants to give us an exciting glimpse into his future with the Kings. Things to watch:

-How the Clifford-Stoll-Parse line looks out there

-Is Jack Johnson playing the left or right side

-All 4 defensemen who are trying to make the team (Drewiske, Voynov, Hickey, Muzzin)

-Goalie battles

Should be fun! Can't wait to listen to the radio like it's the 1930s.