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Sleektooned Blog Logos: Two Prequels and a Sequel

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In case you missed it, I'm doing a late-summer project that involves Sleektooning other SBN hockey blogs' logos.  Earlier chapters:

Part 1: Japers' Rink, Raw Charge, Nucks Misconduct.
Part 2: The Copper & Blue, SB Nation St. Louis, Winging It In Motown.
Part 3: In Lou We Trust, Matchsticks and Gasoline, Defending Big D.
Part 4: Hockey Wilderness, Stanley Cup of Chowder (2 options).
Part 5: Lighthouse Hockey, Habs Eyes on the Prize, Pension Plan Puppets, Arctic Ice Hockey.
Part 6: Five For Howling.

Hey, did you notice that Jewels From The Crown has a new blog logo?  Go check it out -- it's a Quispified modification of the first Sleektooned blog logo re-design that jumpstarted this entire project!

That's right -- while I have been busy churning out new-and-fresh blog logos in this series, for secrecy's sake I've been forced to withhold the very first two designs of the set (though you'll see they couldn't both exist as logos).  So now that the JFTC logo is officially public, let's go back and take a look at that blog logo origin story: Sleek Logos, First Class.

About three weeks ago, Quisp sent an e-mail to the SBN hockey group to take a look at his proposed logo re-design for JFTC.  I don't remember it fully, but it involved four purplish kings from a deck of cards and one of them was drinking a glass of purple liquid that Quisp had to tell us was Kool-Aid.  It wasn't a bad design or anything, but I did think the Kool-Aid gimmick was going to get lost without explanation.  So without much solicitation I drew up and sent the group this cartoon -- I basically took the king out of his playing card and overemphasized the drinking Kool-Aid joke.


The blog name I kind of threw in as an afterthought, loosely using the home-plate shape of the current Kings logo.  Since then, the logo's gone through some iterations, obviously, but that's how it looked the first time I sent it.

And the hockey group loved it.  Several bloggers immediately voted that Quisp throw out his design and use mine; many asked to see a Sleektoon re-design for their own site's logo.  But for the first couple of hours, Quisp was conspicuously silent.  I grew really, really worried -- shit, what the fuck am I doing?  Quisp worked hard on a design and asked the group for some feedback, and here I come with some bullshit cartoon and now everybody likes mine better and now Quisp is really fucking pissed off and silently fuming about it, I bet.  I'm such an asshole!  (It turned out later that Quisp was out of his house or something.)

So I quickly tried to downplay it a bit -- hey idiots!  Stop telling Quisp what to do!  And to help deflect Quisp's anger I took one of the requests from our Avs guys at Mile High Hockey and drew them a quick design mostly to show Quisp that this all was just a silly joke I could apply onto any team -- see?


Well, this really caused a big mess, a mess that I'm still working my way out of via the project.  Because the MHH guys loved it.  And then Quisp got home from wherever he was and loved the one for JFTC.  And the MHH guys couldn't really claim their design because it was totally Quisp's joke.  And so I promised them that I'd draw them something else involving a yeti soon, and three weeks later I'm still stumped on a new MHH logo -- aaah!

And so I fled to other projects -- Ovechkin as an eagle, Stamkos as a bolt, and on and on from there.  I still owe the MHH guys a proper logo re-design, and while I have missed their contest deadline, that's probably for the best -- less pressure on me, plus they have some capable logo options already.

* * *

So now that brings us up to today -- pretty much every logo design I've drawn is now published, except the one I drew last night.

Even though I draw cartoon ducks all the time, I was pretty stumped for a while on what I was going to draw for Anaheim Calling -- I was actually performing google image searches for terms like "famous phone calls" to see if there was some historical photo I should re-enact.  Then last night it sort of occurred to me -- I shouldn't be re-enacting a famous phone call.  I should be re-enacting a famous logo!



This works nicely -- I didn't want to use a blue duck for AC, as that's our gig, so the Wild-Wing-crashing-through-ice updated with a modern-day jersey looks pretty good.  And the use of webbed feet in the lettering is pretty solid.  The phone handset is a bit shoddy, but having Wild Wing crash through the earpiece seems sufficient to get the "calling" theme somewhere in there.  Works for me.  :)

SoCal logos off the list!  Hooray!

(Lo)go Ducks.