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Ranking Likelyhoodness

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Two of the NHL's greatest young players clash.
Two of the NHL's greatest young players clash.

Please rank the following events from most likely to least likely to happen this year:

A. Sharks win the Pacific.

B. Kings win the Pacific.

C. Ducks win the Pacific.

D. Sharks win the Cup.

E. Kings win the Cup.

F. Ducks win the Cup.

G. New Jersey Devils win the Cup.

H. Drew Doughty holds out all year long.

I. Jonas Hiller's vertigo comes back.

J. Martin Havlat gets injured and misses a substantial amount of time.

K. Megalodon wins the lottery but is killed in a lightning strike on his way to collect his winnings.

(The Devils are included because I have money riding on the Devils not winning the Cup).


I would personally rank the events thusly:

A, B, C, J, I, D, E, H, F, G, K


Share your rankings, reasons, or other predictions in the comments.