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Kings Gameday: My Favorite Thing About Mike Richards

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Calgary Flames
@ Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012, 7:30 PM PST
Staples Center

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You know what my favorite thing about having Mike Richards on the Kings is?

It's not the fact that he's really good and he's smart and he seems to try really hard.

It's not that he does that thing great players do where he seems to get a 3-step jump on people because he's noticed where the puck is going before anyone else.

It's not that he's actually not as much of an asshole as I thought he'd be or that he jumped in after Brenden Morrow destroyed Kopitar last week.

It's not that he's pretty much what you'd get if you turned Canada into a hockey player.

It's that he is all of those things... and Anze Kopitar is pretty clearly better than him. It's not even all that close!

Anze rules.

This might come as a shock to some of you but Drew Doughty is still pretty much a kid. Also he's annoying:

Prediction: Kings win, 3-2. Goals by Anze (x2) and Richards.