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Kings Gameday: Thoughts During The Flames-Kings Game

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Colorado Avalanche
@ Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, Jan 21, 2012, 7:30 PM PST

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-Oh god I'm so bored.

-I said this in the off-season:

I'd like the Kings to sign him early and then move him to a wing so Andrei Loktionov can play center. If that happened I think I'd actually really like Jarret Stoll, mostly as runoff from my love of Andrei Loktionov. But it probably won't (and even if it did I still wouldn't really like him)

I was wrong: somehow I hate him even more now that he's a winger.

-If Brad Richardson or Trevor Lewis could finish then Andrei Loktionov would have like 30 assists by now. If he would just shoot the Goddamn puck he'd have like 20 goals.

-Oh hey look, another stifled breakout. Good job guys.

-Games like this make me think I could play in the NHL.

-I want to shoot Brad Richardson into the Sun or trade him to Nashville... well not Nashville, he'd end up scoring 15 goals a season there. Columbus.

-What will the Kings' bottom six look like next year? I should ask Quisp.

-The Kings should call up Marc-Andre Cliche. I don't know how but they should do it. I just like that guy.

-Justin Williams is cool too.

-Why is the 4th line out there with 2 minutes left in the game?


Toffoli - Loktionov - Moller

Clifford - Fraser - Nolan

-The puck is right fucking there, just put it into the net!!!

-Oh, is it over? We lost? Fuck.

-That was the most boring game I've ever seen.


Happy birthday, Jonathan Quick!

Also: holy shit, Quick's only 26.

Prediction: Kings win, 1-0. I die of boredom.