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Other Hockey Players With Unpopular Beliefs

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"Wait, Obama's black???"  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
"Wait, Obama's black???" (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tim Thomas isn't the only hockey player with unpopular beliefs. Let's take a look at the controversial opinions of some of hockey's biggest stars:

-Steven Stamkos refuses to say "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance because he's not quite ready to rule out Quetzacoatl.

-Joe Thornton believes the State Animal of California should be the wooly mammoth. He also believes the State Flower, State Mineral and State Name should be changed to wooly mammoth.

-Anze Kopitar really misses the Kings Castle.

-Joffrey Lupul thinks that it is sometimes appropriate to commit a crime, like shoplifting to feed your family or rape if you're bored.

-Ryan Getzlaf plans on raising his kids in the "Greek tradition."

Pavel Datsyuk believes it is perfectly acceptable for the female to decapitate the male after copulation.

-Jason Spezza loves dogs; when asked what kind was his favorite, he replied, "Probably sauteed."

-Before making a free agent signing, Dean Lombardi makes prospective players see his phrenologist.

-Patric Hornqvist will continue to be stridently against the death penalty until they start putting them on the internet so he can watch.

-Dan Ellis believes in lower taxes on all yachts and yacht-related purchases.

-Robyn Regehr refuses to celebrate Martin Luther King Day because he hates non-violence.

-Mathieu Schneider is Jewish.

-Brent Burns believes national science education standards should be replaced with three hours playing with Skylanders every day.

-When informed of Jerry Sandusky's crimes, Ryan Kesler reportedly exclaimed, "Wait, that's illegal?!?"

-Brandon Dubinsky believes it's important for all humans to be cognizant of their carbon footprint. He also believes it's hysterical to force bums to fight for vials of crack.

-Corey Perry thinks he isn't a bitch.

(Thanks, Meg!)