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Surveying the Lockout: Your Input is Requested!

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How could I possibly turn down a request from overseas?

Now presenting: BoC's first ever e-mail request from Israel! Of course I'll promote it!

Dear Earl,

My name is Uriel Haran. I’m a professor of management at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, and a long time hockey fan. I write to you to request assistance with a research project that concerns the NHL lockout. I am collaborating on this project with Taya Cohen, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

We are working on research that looks at people’s perceptions of labor disputes. Like other fans of the game, we have been frustrated by the lockout, but in our case it has also got us thinking about our research. We would like to survey fans around the league about how they view the actions of the two sides so far, and their projections for the future.

We would love it if you could help us reach some fans so that we can get their reactions to the lockout. We have prepared a short 10 minute online survey that asks people questions about the National Hockey League and the Players Association. It would help us immensely if you could tweet a link to our survey, and take it down after a day or so. Would you be willing to do this for us?

We also welcome your participation in the survey. Here is the link.

NHL Locket Survey:

Thank you very much in advance!


I would recommend that you click that link and take the survey RIGHT NOW before reading any comments below -- the site stresses that it's important to not know the questions ahead of time.

But once you've finished the survey, feel free to comment away -- readers have been warned.

Go research.