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Let's Go Ducks

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I'm excited to join this crew, now let's talk some football.

Jonathan Ferrey

I was pretty excited when Megalodon and the BoC guys asked me to be the official Ducks writer here on the site. I've been a fan of the team for quite a while, and what better time to start blogging about them than now, as the team is undefeated and taking the 2nd spot in NCAAF rankings.


7 - 0


3 - 0

152595324_medium_medium The Ducks have a long line of success at the quarterback position, but Heisman contender Marcus Mariota is indisputably among the best we've seen out of Oregon. His passing alone helps ensure that this team dominates every game, but the QB sure can run, too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not naive enough of a fan to think that a quarterback alone propels a team to such an admirable record, and I know that the Ducks have a stacked offense in front of Mariota, and fully capable defense.

Needless to say, it's going to (continue to) be an exciting year for Oregon football, I'm glad the guys picked me to be here with you throughout it all.

You can follow along with me on Twitter at @JerMeansWell.

- Jer.