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A New Feature on SB Nation United: Galleries!

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My second top-ten list isn't ready to publish yet, but here's a new feature that will be incorporated.

One new feature about SB Nation United that is pretty exciting for a blog cartoonist is the introduction of galleries. This allows for a lot of saved space when trying to feature the entirety of a picture collection, such as the two examples below. These two galleries were prepared for use in my second installment of Earl's Top Ten, but that's not really ready to publish yet, and Eddie A. already stumbled on these galleries, so the rest of you may as well, too. :)

Plus, it's Friday! A perfect day for easy content!

Gallery 1: Sleektooned Hockey Blog Logos -- the Gallery Edition

See how handy these are? Especially when embedded in a post -- this should save a lot of readers from excessive scrolling injuries (though be wary now of excess clicking injuries!).

Gallery 2: Sleektooned Star Wars Trilogy Gallery

I honestly could have put together a gallery for each of the upcoming Top Ten entries, but there is a drawback -- even though I'm re-using old images that are already stored on SB Nation's servers, currently I can't populate a new gallery from those stored images. Instead, the only way to create a new gallery is to re-upload every image from my hard drive; all 61 of these images are now stored twice on the servers. And while that's not truly a problem I should care that much about, I am conscientious enough that I only decided to "gallery up" these two entries in the next Top Ten -- they were the hardest ones to select three or four favorite images for.

And yeah, I guess I should send that suggestion to SB Nation Support, but that's a job for a non-retiring blog cartoonist! :)

Anyway, BoC now has a galleries page if you want to comment on either gallery itself, or find links back to the posts where each cartoon originated. And the second Top Ten list is coming somewhat soon -- where will these two galleries rank?

Go galleries.