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BoC Tells You How To Vote

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You suck at voting so do what we say instead.

The most republican-looking guy I could find
The most republican-looking guy I could find
Streeter Lecka


Rudy Kelly


Who cares


Prop 30- Who cares

31- Who cares

32- Who cares

33- Who cares

34- No so we still have a chance to sentence Corey Perry to death

35- Who cares

36- Who cares

37-No, genetic engineering rules

38- Who cares

39- Who cares

40- Who cares

Important Measures

Measure B- My friends, there comes a time in every person's life where they must make a stand. For us, that day is tomorrow. There are few things in life worth fighting for: family? Maybe. Free speech? Eh. Not having to watch porn with condoms? ABSOLUTELY.

Do you think our fighting boys, our sweet, brave troops, want to risk their lives for condomns? No!

Did your forefathers fight and die for plastic? Never!

When George Washington was bunkering down in the gales of Valley Forge, do you think he was jacking it to a wood cutting of a dude railing a chick with a condom on? Nay, I say, and again I say nay!

Go forth, Patriots, and fight for freedom!

Fight for choice!


Congressional Candidates

Who cares

(Fair warning: if you write an earnest political opinion and don't also include a video of someone getting hit in the groin in that same post, you will get banned until after the election or until I remember to un-ban you.)