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A Sneak Peek At Selanne's Steakhouse Menu

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We learn a little more about Teemu Tavern & Grill through some slightly dubious means.

Let this guy serve you some meat. Photo Credit
Let this guy serve you some meat. Photo Credit
Marianne Helm

Last week, news broke that Teemu Selanne will be opening a steakhouse in April, to be named Teemu Tavern & Grill. I was so excited to find out what might be on the menu that I tracked down the print shop that Selanne is using to print it up. After a few days of planning, I executed a daring break in at the shop (it resembled this). Prior to the cops showing up and tazing me, I was able to capture a small handful of cellphone pics of a completed menu.

Despite the fact that these pics will likely be used against me as evidence in my upcoming case, I've decided to share them with you.



We knew about Teemu's fondness for ketchup, but this is just weird:


On the other hand, this actually makes a lot of sense:


I wonder when he'll be hiring. I'm going to have some court fees to pay.