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A Few Thoughts On The Kings

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Depressing fact: This is the most fun I've had writing a post since June.


A few thoughts on that team I normally write about when they're in between lockouts:












-I'm really happy that Dustin Brown is finally a right winger for the foreseeable future. By the way, how much money do you think he's cost himself because of the contract he signed in 2007? He signed it right as the league started going crazy passing out huge deal to the other 2003 draftees, and this past summer had to watch as guys like Milan Lucic signed for almost double what Brown has been getting paid. He'll be a free agent next summer but who knows how much money guys will get paid under the new CBA.

-...Kind of don't blame Mike Cammalleri, honestly.

-Also, I was only half-kidding on twitter earlier when I said the Kings should trade Dustin Brown for Evander Kane. Kane will be better than Brown eventually and Jets fans will love Dustin Brown because he's white humble and hard-working.

-I hope Dustin Penner, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter all become best friends. I want them to get matching Corvettes like the Apollo 12 astronauts and wear matching sweaters to Christmas parties and all run a train on your mom. Don't you think they're friends? I bet they're friends.

-But anyway, I hope Dustin Penner gets told to fuck off and Jordan Nolan or Dwight King takes his spot on the 2nd line. I'm starting to agree with Quisp; I think it'll be Nolan.

-The 2nd biggest hole the Kings have in the coming years is that 3rd line RW spot because I'm sorry, Trevor Lewis isn't a long-term solution there. That line was surprisingly productive in the playoffs but it was a fluke and won't repeat itself over an 82-game season. Hopefully Tyler Toffoli is ready to go before too long. My goal is that Simon Gagne takes the spot because he's a *~veteran~* and then Toffoli fills it in when Gagne leaves. Lewis can, I don't know, make Doughty pancakes or something.

-Speaking of, Tyler Toffoli is pretty cool. He's got a wicked shot and he's been surprisingly adept at even-strength while playing with Linden Vey and Tanner Pearson. (They're also cool.) I'm not sure where Toffoli's place is on the Kings since he fills the exact same niche Jeff Carter does (but Carter's better), but 3rd line winger/power play specialist seems like a pretty good slot for him.

-Upon actually watching the Monarchs consistently this season...

My opinion has grown: Tyler Toffoli, Tanner Pearson, Andrew Campbell, Andy Andreoff, Nikolai Prokhorkin

My opinion has lessened: Jake Muzzin, Thomas Hickey, Marc-Andre Cliche, Robbie Czarnik, somehow Rich Clune even though I already hated him

My opinion has remained the same: Martin Jones (eh), Slava Voynov, Andrei Loktionov & Dwight King (yay!), Nick Deslauriers (boo!)

-The 1st biggest hole the Kings have in the coming years is finding a replacement for Rob Scuderi. I think we were all hoping it'd be one of Jake Muzzin or Thomas Hickey, but... I don't really see it. Right now my hopes rest on Alec Martinez, who rules in easy situations, but that's kind of a jump for him. I think Doughty's entering the point of his career where it doesn't really matter who's alongside him and an offensive guy would be able to take advantage of all the space Doughty's presence opens up.

-That leaves a spot next to Matt Greene but finding a left-handed defenseman to play bottom minutes is literally the easiest thing in the world.

-Also, the right side of the Kings' defense for the next few years will be Drew Doughty, Slava Voynov and Matt Greene. That rules.

-Jonathan Bernier is probably gone. OK. Sign a veteran back-up for Quick for a season (Dan Ellis for comedy purposes, please) and then hope Jones gets better.

-I love Anze Kopitar more than I loved my childhood dog. If Kopitar gets worms I'm going to be devastated.

-Hey, remember when the Kings won the Stanley Cup? That was pretty awesome.