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Key Differences of the NHL's Latest CBA Proposal

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We examine the difference between the latest and former CBA offers the league has made to the Player's Association.

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Bill Daly, taking his death on a hill offer off the table.
Bill Daly, taking his death on a hill offer off the table.
Bruce Bennett

In what appears to be an attempt from the NHL to prevent a disclaimer of interest by the Players' Association (or, more likely, an empty gesture which can be used in court as "evidence" that the league tried to negotiate with the Union), the league reportedly presented the union with a new CBA offer Thursday night.

While there aren't many details leaking just yet, we do have some information as far as what has changed from the previous offer, some of which the league is considering "concessions." Reports so far seem to indicate that the players feel the moves are not significant enough.

Let's examine a few of the differences from the previous offer and the details of the newer offer that have leaked...

The NHLPA is reportedly in the process of drafting their counterproposal. It is unclear whether the league considers this a "take it or leave it" offer, or if they are ready to come out of their room and act like big kids in order to entertain counterproposals.