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There are important championships. And then there are ones like this.

Hooray for arrogance!
Hooray for arrogance!
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In a city with numerous other distractions and glitzy teams, a team whose fan base is small but passionate were finally rewarded. Well, again. They barely snuck into the playoffs, and once they were officially in they were up against the top team through the regular season in the very first round. But they showed how good they could be. This was a team that failed to come together through the majority of the regular season and was floundering. But they got hot at the right time and the big names they had came through, topping off their season with a championship.

Kopitar Beckham

Carter Keane

Brown Donovan

Doughty Gonzalez

Quick Saunders

Richards uhhhhhh, Juninho?

Uh, what else is there? Oh! Josh Saunders can give a great referral to a substance abuse program for Quick because we all know he has probably just been hitting the bottle during the entire lockout. Hm, I guess that’s about it. Anyways, fuck you Texas!

Now for a horrible transition...

Some very sad news: David Courtney of "Los Angeles King's GOAL. Scored by..." fame has passed away. Yes, I know I am little bit late with that, but still, very sad. Even if you don't like the Kings he worked with the Angels and Clippers and was great with them also. Glad I caught a Clippers' game this past month.

Very nice tribute clip made for him by the Kings if you haven't already seen it. It's just very unfortunate we won't get to hear the goal call we got accustomed to hearing (albeit rarely this past season up until the playoffs).

The Kings beat the Avalanche 3-1* (just like how the Galaxy beat Houston!) and now are ahead of Detroit, St. Louis, and Anaheim! Hooray? Thomas Hickey scored for the Kings, which is already all sorts of confusing. Evgeni Nabokov also leads the league with save percentage and seven(!) shutouts. Did I mention the Islanders are in first? This fake universe must also be ran by President Perot. Charts for everyone! Dean Lombardi will be so happy.

*ESPN said it so it must be true.