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Five Reasons Why We Can Trust Steve Burton and His Report That the Lockout is Over

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Not many people are putting faith in sports journalist Steve Burton's report that the lockout is over. But should they be?

On Monday night, Twitter was all, uh, atwitter with talk about a report coming out of WBZ-TV in Boston by sports journalist Steve Burton claiming that the end of the lockout would be announced by Wednesday. Perhaps deservedly, Burton’s report was met with a lot of skepticism. People were confused as to how and why this guy they have never heard of, who generally does not cover the sport, suddenly has inside sources informing him of the biggest news in hockey before any of the other more likely, qualified hockey media big shots.

Being among those who were skeptical, as well as among those who had never heard of Steve Burton, I decided to look into this mysterious sports journalist a little further to see what I could find. What I discovered changed my mind entirely, and I’m convinced the evidence will be enough to change your mind too.

Here are five reasons we can trust Steve Burton:

  1. As a guest on WEEI's The Big Show, Burton once ate nine large slices of pizza on the air during a 2009 broadcast. Trustworthy. (Source: Wikipedia)
  2. Burton serves (or at least served as some point) as a board member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Because no Christian has ever lied, we can trust Steve Burton. (Source: Wikipedia)
  3. Steve Burton was the one who broke the news that Phil Kessel had testicular cancer in 2006. Anyone that familiar with Kessel’s balls has credibility. (Source:
  4. Steve Burton isn’t always quite sure how to work a microphone, nor does he necessarily bother to learn the names of the athletes he’s interviewing. Reliability. (Source: Deadspin)
  5. Here's a picture I found of Burton from what I believe is his graduation from Northwestern University. The face of integrity. (Source:
    Steve Burton

Start freezing the ice, the lockout is over!