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Kings Gameday: Bizzaro World

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Los Angeles Kings
@ Colorado Avalanche

Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012, 6:00 PM PST
Pepsi Center

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The Kings scored 3 goals in 1 period!

They also let in 3 goals in 1 period.

They scored 3 in the 1st period to actually take an early lead!

They allowed a team to come back from 3 goals down for the 2nd time since the lockout.

They scored 4 times!

They also allowed 4 goals.

They scored on the power play!

They also let in 3 power play goals.

The Kings' shooting luck may be normalizing!

Quick's save percentage may be normalizing too.

They were aggressive!

They took 6 penalties.

They lost!

Wait, that's not bizarre.

Here's video of Kyle Clifford's hit on Gilbert Brule last night, taken from inside someone's ass:

Yeah, I don't know. I can see the argument that he didn't technically make primary contact with the head... but that hit's still incredibly unnecessary. It's a guy mad that he had just taken a penalty and trying to make it up by being physical, but he really just blindsided a guy and tried to hurt him. And he was successful. Personally, I think Clifford should get suspended... of course, he should get benched for playing like shit anyway but that's another matter.

I hope Brule's OK.

Prediction: Kings lose, 6-5. But hey, at least they're scoring!