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Ducks Gameday -- See if I Carolina

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Anaheim Ducks (fowl feather) at Carolina Hurricanes (foul weather), 4 pm
Anaheim Calling and Canes Country -- two non-destinations for Rick Nash.

I had a blogger's dilemma today -- should I write a post with any content in it, or should I draw a bad-pun cartoon? You know what I picked:


Oh, whatever -- go to Puck Daddy if you want to read up on the Blue Jackets' probable asking price for Nash. Good player, but I'm glad Anaheim's not in that sweepstakes. Barstool Bob's job is to find Rick Nashes before they make $7.8M per year, not afterwards.

But still, it's kind of fun to watch the wary bidding process unfold -- go deadline drama! :)

Prediction: I'm only going to be around for the early part of today's game -- stop on by! Ducks 3, Canes 1. Goals by Rooster, Top Possum, and Daft Pig.

Go Ducks.