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Sharks Gameday: Wiki-Sharks: Trade Deadline 2012

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"Oh hell, here's the problem: we've been playing HOKEY, not hockey! That's pretty funny, eh fellas?"
"Oh hell, here's the problem: we've been playing HOKEY, not hockey! That's pretty funny, eh fellas?"

-Road trip, 2-6-1.

-Pacific division lead, Coyotes.

-Douglas Murray, injured.

-Logan Couture, injured?

-Todd McLellan, injured.

-The God Damn PLANE, injured.

-Jamie McGinn, traded.

I'm so pissed off! Everything is going wrong! Son of a -


Oh hey there, new Shark Daniel Winnik!

Two new Sharks players means it's time for a new edition of Wiki-Sharks!


Daniel Winnik

So Winnik was on the Avalanche for eight months and nobody ever bothered to change his Wikipedia picture? That's disgraceful. I'm certain some enterprising young Sharks fan/nerd (redundant) will update his Wiki with a suitable picture soon. Personally I would recommend this one:


This picture is from Winnik's twitter, about 7 months ago.

You know what folks? I'm going to miss Jamie McGinn a lot but...

I think we just might be okay.

Anyways, the first couple of paragraphs of Danny Win's Wikipedia page are boring stuff about how he was great in the minors. Big deal, so was I. What else do you have?

In 2007–08, Winnik made the Coyotes lineup out of training camp and scored his first NHL goal in his debut on October 4, 2007 in a 3–2 win against the St. Louis Blues.[3] At the end of his first NHL year Winnik had established himself as a regular in the Coyotes team and was looked upon, by coach Wayne Gretzky, as the team's top penalty killer.[4]

That's good I guess. Does Gretzky know anything about penalty killers though? I'll just assume he does and move on.

After a promising start to his NHL career, Dan suffered a sophomore slump in 2008–09, scoring just 7 points in 49 games.

Oh good, he can't score. He'll have a lot in common with a bunch of guys on the Sharks then.

Winnik quickly rebounded in the following 2009–10 season, regaining a checking line role and finding his scoring touch, tying his career high with 15 assists.[7] As part of a resurgent Coyotes team he made his playoff debut appearing scoreless in 7 games against the Detroit Red Wings.[8]



T.J. Galiardi

Before I went to the Wiki for T.J. I took a look at some of his recent tweets.

I saw this one:

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. -Psalm 9:1

And I got a bit nervous. I'm not a fan of preaching from my players. But then his very next tweet was this:

Let's be honest, Marv from Home Alone must have severe post concussion syndrome...

So that's pretty funny. Good work, T.J. You are redeemed in my eyes*.

On to Wiki!

Galiardi is the son of Terry and Lori Galiardi. He has two brothers, Rylan and Daniel. His mother is a United States citizen and Galiardi holds dual Canadian and U.S. citizenship.[1]

Oh so he's a halfsy.

He made his NHL debut with the Avalanche the same day in a 8-1 loss against the Edmonton Oilers.

Good omen.

TJ made his playoff debut and in 6 games posted 2 assists as one of the Avalanche's most notable players in the Western Conference Quarterfinals defeat to the San Jose Sharks.

Hey you bastard!

Welcome aboard you two.

We'll miss you, McGinn.

* = This is a good time to mention that my 21st-favorite movie is There Will Be Blood. Here is a very short, not-spoilery** scene.

** = seriously I am not messing with you***. This is not a spoiler or anything.

*** = I realize now that I have very little credibility online since I am so rarely serious about anything. I sort of regret this. I swear on Owen Nolan's goatee, though, the clip I linked to will not wreck any important plot points in the awesome movie There Will Be Blood.

Next Game

Philadelphia Flyers
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Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012, 7:30 PM PST
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Several more players and coaches get injured. Sharks win 3-1.

In other news: