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Ducks Gameday -- Selänne Blogs (Amateur Hour)

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Buffalo Sabres (bovine) at Anaheim Ducks (avian), 7 pm
Die By The Blade and Anaheim Calling -- we're not in Finland anymore, Toto.

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Here's a fun cartoon from the archives that's pertinent to tonight's opponent:


I'd have drawn something new, except I'm pulling double duty over here -- I have no idea what Sleza's been up to lately (whatever it is, I'm almost certain she's accomplishing it at a much improved rate), but our go-to source on Teemu Selanne blog translations has fallen behind, so I'm going to do the noble thing and give the last two entries a try, courtesy of Google Translate. If nothing else, it'll help us better appreciate the benefits of human translation -- hurry back, Sleza! :)

Sleza (or any Finnish readers) -- if you want to fix or elaborate on anything Google has translated, go for it in the comments.

Anyway, here goes Entry #1 -- everything in blockquotes is pasted straight from what Google Translate gave me.

February 12 -- Do or Die!

Hello again everyone!

Hello again Teemu!

A lot has happened again last blog. First I really congratulate the new president Finland Sauli Niinistö! Niinistö Finland got a great new president, the guy splendor and a long line of sports man!

I decided to go all "Megalodon" on this and looked up Niinistö on Wikipedia -- he actually starts his presidency tomorrow; good luck, dude! I really couldn't find any reference to sports, though, so I'm not sure what that's about, but this note under "Personal Life" sounds like it took some determination and athleticism: "In Finland, Niinistö is also remembered as one of the survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. He escaped the ensuing tsunami by climbing up a utility pole with his son Matias in Khao Lak."

Uh, holy shit. In the US, we just make up heroic stories about presidents -- that's pretty hardcore. The guy splendor.

Was also great to see how Helsinki's two winter classics found their place in the Finnish ice hockey again. The hat is also worthy of lifting fans have not stopped cold at all. However, Finnish passionate fans probably did not stop even if the cows would be from the sky!

Wikipedia informs me that there were two outdoor games played in Helsinki Olympic Stadium this past month -- the Talviklassikko on February 4 (this is the best-looking hockey poster I've ever seen) and the 2012 Oddset Hockey Games on February 9. Nice of Teemu to "tip his hat" for Finnish hockey fans' ability to endure the cold -- Wikipedia is strangely silent on whether cows falling from the sky is a regular occurrence in Finland.

Here is again full steam on. All-Star break has taken place, we were five days in Palm Springs sunshine with the family. Was a great charger. Lating this period, then goes to the end huileja no longer exists. We're just now in the snowy Detroit, is known as the fate of the trip. 8 games to 15 days.

Poor Teemu -- going from sunny Palm Springs to snowy Detroit is like going from, well, Palm Springs to Detroit -- it's its own example of severe destination letdown. But, as Teemu notes, they won't be staying anywhere very long.

This trip we went with the theme "do or die", I mean if the trip is successful MPLIANCEWITH pleijareihin place so much easier. However, if the game does not pass, the dreams are gone pleijareista. Helppoo does not come to be, but in our own hands MPLIANCEWITH you're set. Oonkin always said that in this league all have to earn.

Okay, Google Translate -- you're really falling apart on me here. Oonkin always said it's better to have a helppoo translator than a MPLIANCEWITH computer. But yes, Teemu's main point comes through -- it's a "do or die" trip.

January until the first day we had the entire league's second best team, it gives new hope for the future. Much work is ahead, but now is a strike when the iron is hot. Keep your fingers crossed there too,'d huikeeta pleijareihin to get all of this early period after rämpimisen. Hope to live in ...

It's odd to me how some idioms seem to translate seamlessly, though -- "strike when the iron is hot", "keep your fingers crossed" -- are these sayings in Finland, too, or is Google Translate that sneaky?

* * *

Anyways, some good optimism from Teemu at the start of the road trip -- that translation wasn't so bad, I guess. Let's go to the next one, where Sleza's insight into Finnish things is really going to be missed.

February 24 -- Back in Business

On February 23 day, it's a great day! It is the oldest son Eemilin 16-year anniversary and a great day, because we face back home, about a six hour flight to Los Angeles - at last! Now is the jacket I mean empty both mentally and physically. 8 and 16 days behind the game. We knew that this trip is our season line. The trip to either embed tän ship or reverse the course downwind.

Happy sweet sixteen, Eemilin! Teemu starts with a birthday celebration, talks about the road trip's toll on his jacket, and ends with some sort of nautical reference -- I'm guessing that last phrase is something about going down with the ship or turning her about, but Teemu knows way more about sunk boats than I do.

I thought it was huikee trip: five wins, two losses and one shootout loss for the actual game time, which also was governed from the game. Any guy can be proud of their actions. Risk it all for playing so well as you can, then played the three or 30 minutes. Everyone took care of what they are doing, it calls for it to win.

Strangely, Teemu's not quite accurate on the road trip record -- it was actually 5-1-2 with two shootout losses. But I'm a blogger who makes lots of mixtakes aslo; I'll let it slide. I think he's saying everybody has played well, whether they play 3 or 30 minutes, but Google Translate doesn't handle this message very well.

So, fortunately, it came to an end speculation about my departure to another playoff team, and I do not want to be anything else to go. We're now four points in a playoff-line, 21 games remaining, and while everything is in our own hands. And MPLIANCEWITH not been easy nor olemaankaan Come and have a lot of hard work ahead. But the battle continues!

I can only assume he's referring to the Battle of California. But hooray! Teemu stays in Anaheim, as he wants and as he should. And he still gets to play meaningful important games.

On this trip, otherwise could be seen more Finland-flags in the stands than ever before, or at least it seemed like. Florida, of course, the most,'s where a lot of Finnish to spend a warm winter. It was nice to see such a long time. Rally World Champion Hannu Mikkola, singing legend of prestigious Green, Kai Haaskivi football icon and the Finnish national team golf Mikko Ilosen and Roope Kakko chair. Finnish is always nice to meet you in the world.

This really is too many Finnish celebrities for me to look up individually, but it seems that the Finnish dream is that if you get famous enough, then you can retire to Florida? I mean, could Teemu have really been more awestruck by the famous Finns he met in Florida than the ones he met when he played the season opener in Helsinki? Well, if I'm the Florida Panthers I'd take note -- sign more Finnish players and there appears to be some high-end fanbase. They'd even attend if cows fell from the sky.

This trip was something else, what has not previously been oo. Eka, I do during the opening weeks of watching TV in my room at all times. I mean I got really stuck in Finnish greatest movies and TV series. I looked at Rööperi, The Tough Ones, the latest Vareksen and all the seasons series just a few imposter star and cold-bloodedly you. It took time to really nice, top stuff!

Rööperi is a 2009 Finnish movie that somehow translates to "Hellsinki". "The Tough Ones" is a 1999 Finnish film. Both are vaguely about criminals, but I didn't find much more than that. I'm a little lost in what he was saying towards the end there, but I'm happy enough imagining that television shows called "Imposter Star" and "Cold-Bloodedly You" might make for some good entertainment.

During the second week of movies turned into a book, even though in fact, I usually have read men, but the last few days I have read with interest the Alexandre Nadal biography. It is almost inconceivable how he became the world's best tennis player in a way that certainly does not happen many times. I mean his father decided to make him the world's best player by any means necessary. Cruel way, he forced Andre to play the kind, which he hated more than anything. He had no options, he was frightening to believe his father and the rest is history. Although I do not like the middle of the book, I recommend reading it. Huikee story. Everyone has their own story to success, but this is certainly one of the most unique.

Oh, Google Translate -- Teemu usually reads men, but lately he's open to reading Alexandre Nadal, too. Poor kid, being forced to play the kind. Anyways, Teemu makes a book recommendation, but Google Translate tosses in a few words that make this sort of silly. I had to go back to the Finnish to find out he's actually talking about Andre Agassi -- which would make the book Open, but I'm not too sure what a young Agassi had to endure.

Now, a few days Huilian and again renewed strength and hope to still oikeeseen direction! Ciao!

That reminds me -- I think I'm due for a little Hullian myself. Ciao!

* * *

So anyways, good to see Teemu excited over recent results, even if through a shoddy Google Translate filter. Miss ya, Sleza! Feel free to resume translating new entries (or hell, re-translating these entries) anytime you want. :)

Prediction: I should be around for game comments tonight -- stop on by. As for the game result, Meg and Rudy both posted this pic yesterday and both their teams responded with shutout wins -- I'm never one to argue with trends like that.


Go Ducks.