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Ducks Gameday -- A Change of Literature

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Detroit Red Wings (inside) at Anaheim Ducks (outside), 7 pm
Winging It In Motown and Anaheim Calling -- Red/Wild Wing.

Just a lazy cartoon today, as I'm embarrassingly caught towards the end of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series. Yeah, I'm basically an infant.

But winged octopus makes a re-appearance -- hooray!

In case you're new, the Duck's usual reading material.

Anyways, there's no real BoC Sabotage incentive for the Ducks tonight, but the Kings are comin' on Friday. I'll try to put a little more effort into that one. :)

Prediction: I should be around for game comments tonight -- stop on by! Ducks win for no real reason, but since it's against Detroit it's great.

Go Avatar.