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BoC Gameday -- Royal Sabotage

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Los Angeles Kings (36.0% playoff-likely) at Anaheim Ducks (0.3% playoff-likely), 7 pm
Jewels From The Crown and Anaheim Calling -- make sure all comments turn green by tomorrow or they'll be pinched!

I tried to go with a "legend of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland" theme today and came away with okay results. But hey, a skewered winged wheel is always nice, and this cartoon features two of 'em!

You can finish the job, Sharks. :)

Anyways, happy nearly-St-Patty's Day, everyone! Hooray for slain Red Wings! Huzzah!

The Ducks really have three more games to win if they want to enjoy a summer free of intrastate gloating -- tonight against the Kings and the two remaining games against the Sharks. Also, Anaheim ought to drop their remaining games against Phoenix and Calgary -- that's the sabotage strategy, anyways.

So definitely some importance to tonight's game -- plus I have the option to go Hayward-less! Fantastic!

* * *

Wednesday night after the Ducks creamed the Wings, Jen from Anaheim Calling and I were enemy guests on the All The Kings Men podcast with some Kings bloggers -- we exchanged some questions about both teams, plus we played the game of "Duck or King?" with some players, popularized earlier on this blog by Spade. I haven't heard the recording yet, but per Jen, we come in at about 32:30.

And hey -- now I finally have a Skype account! Go technology dinosaur!

Prediction: I'll either be a little bit late for tonight's game comments or very late -- we'll see how things play out. But I'll be following the game wherever I'm at. Ducks 4, Kings 3. Ducks find themselves some nearby golf partners.

Go Sabotage.