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Ducks Gameday -- Rushedville

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Nashville Predators (gasp!) at Anaheim Ducks (sigh...), 5 pm
On The Forecheck and Anaheim Calling -- stomp me if you've heard this one before...

Not going to spend a whole lot of time writing today's post, because I had to wait until all of yesterday's games ended before seeing what angle I'd be taking today. Fortunately, Marty Havlat scored an overtime goal that signaled the return of an old and controversial BoC tradition, one that hasn't been utilized in over a year.

First, the legwork -- gotta justify the use of extreme graphics:

March 13: Los Angeles Kings 5, Detroit Red Wings 2
March 14: Anaheim Ducks 4, Detroit Red Wings 0
March 17: San Jose Sharks 3, Detroit Red Wings 2 (OT)

TOTAL: Battle of California 12, Detroit Red Wings 4

Sweeeeeet... So tasty! So yummy!

Oh, Detroit, you meddling octopus -- you've been good enough over the past couple of years to never have to suffer the tradition that put this blog on the map while simultaneously pissing off mapmakers everywhere. But you know what they say -- waiting makes the art grow fonder. Bwa ha ha ha!

State Rape! -- sometimes it just fits like a glove.

Both cartoons today originally drawn after an earlier Sharks win over Detroit.

And while I really didn't have to design any new graphics today, the archives tell me I've never put together a State Rape cartoon for the fine state of Tennessee, despite its impressive SONA rating. Uh-oh:

March 15: San Jose Sharks 2, Nashville Predators 1 (SO)
March 17: Los Angeles Kings 4, Nashville Predators 2

So I suppose tonight's game carries more importance than it first appears, but at least this time I won't be so rushed -- wait, we play again tomorrow?! :)

* * *

I'll be mostly-absent from comments today because I'll be attending tonight's game somewhere up in the nosebleeds of the Honda Center. Part of that package is that my buddy will be playing* a game at noon on Honda Center Ice, so I'll be at or near the arena for most of today. Look for a guy who's wearing a green shirt one day too late.

* He's actually a game-time decision, pending how he feels about his recent hip injury. He may just skate around between periods. What a Crosby!

Prediction: For the sake of continued State Rapes, Ducks prevail.

Go Pornocartography.