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Ducks Flameday -- Double Hockey Sticks

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Calgary Flames (2 points out) at Anaheim Ducks (7 points out), 7 pm
Matchsticks & Gasoline and Anaheim Calling -- Gary vs. Ifornia.

Oof -- just as the Ducks were getting back in sight of the western bubble, two regulation losses in a row. As the (fucking) non-swearers like to say, double hockey sticks.

That's the first time the Ducks have dropped consecutive regulation decisions in calendar year 2012, and I forgot how shitty it feels. Well, more accurately, the last time the Ducks were losing regularly, I wasn't feeling much at all. So congrats, Ducks! I'm no longer numb to losing! :)

But I am still lazy, so here's a recycled cartoon from two years ago that strangely still sort of works:


I don't even remember what Kurri milestone Selanne was chasing in March 2010, but nowadays it's the career points pursuit. Teemu sits just 3 points shy of Jari for 19th overall -- Finnsanity!

Anyways, while I was over at Hockey-Reference I started messing around with an all-time BoC career points list -- only counting points scored while playing for a California-based NHL team. Here's the top 25:

Top 25 Scorers in BoC History
(Only counting regular-season points scored for California teams)

Rank Player Ducks Kings Sharks Seals Total CA Points
1 Marcel Dionne 1,307 1,307
2 Luc Robitaille 1,154 1,154
3 Dave Taylor 1,069 1,069
4 Teemu Selanne 926 131 1,057
5 Wayne Gretzky 918 918
6 Bernie Nicholls 758 75 833
7 Patrick Marleau 818 818
8 Paul Kariya 669 669
9 Butch Goring 659 659
10 Joe Thornton 606 606
11 Rob Blake 494 75 569
12 Charlie Simmer 466 23 489
13 Jim Fox 479 479
14 Ryan Getzlaf 458 458
15 Mike Murphy 457 457
16 Owen Nolan 451 451
17 Steve Rucchin 432 432
18 Corey Perry 419 419
19 Anze Kopitar 412 412
20 Jeff Friesen 59 350 409
21 Tony Granato 305 99 404
22 Lubomir Visnovsky 103 279 382
23 Alexander Frolov 381 381
24 Bob Berry 350 350
25 Dustin Brown 343 343

That wasn't for any true purpose, but it is kind of cool to look at, and I guess it will be useful once we start inducting players into the BoC Hall of Fame.

* * *

Very Lame Aside: Anybody want to hear a choir joke? Our choir director just celebrated a birthday, and for her card I scoured the internet to find a music-themed joke, and this one cracked me up -- you probably have to be in a choir to best appreciate it, though:

A successful choir's much-loved conductor was taken seriously ill shortly before a major concert. With only four weeks to go and several rehearsals to complete, an appeal went out for a short-term but immediate replacement. One of the bass singers had conducting experience and, to the relief of all, took-up the baton. The concert was a resounding success.

At the next rehearsal, the pro-tem conductor returned to the Bass section. As he sat down in his usual place, his neighbor turned to him and said: "Where the heck have you been? I haven't seen you for a month!"

Get it? Basses never look up!

* * *

Oh, and in case you missed yesterday's NHL games, here's a brief recap of one of them:

The Sabres played last night. They beat some crappy team.


Prediction: I won't be around for game comments tonight -- watching on delay. Ducks and Flames go to a shootout, then my recording runs out of time.

Go Ducks.