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Ducks Gameday -- Color Clashes

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St. Louis Blues at Anaheim Ducks, 7 pm
St. Louis Game Time and Anaheim Calling -- blue note vs. blue duck.

I'm out of the house real early this morning, so there's something to blame beside my crippling laziness for today's cartoon-only post.


This game may not mean much in terms of playoff positioning, but Ducks need to keep battling hard -- after all, there's still fantasy hockey to be played. :)

And anyways, I shall be in attendance tonight with my dad and brother down in Row B, wearin' the ol' green shirt. Drink if you spot me on TV.

Prediction: I could really use a Jaraslav Halak loss tonight for fantasy purposes -- Ducks shockingly beat the Blues before losing to the greens.

Go Green Shirt.