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Ducks Gameday -- We're Bruined!

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Boston Bruins at Anaheim Ducks, 5 pm
Stanley Cup of Chowder and Anaheim Calling -- it's time for Sunday Mass(achusetts).

Today I'm feeling so lazy that I'm recycling an image from a previous instance when I was too lazy to draw a cartoon. It's laziness-squared!


Not much at stake for tonight's game -- Bruins are safely in the playoffs and the Ducks are safely outside, and the Kings took State Rape off the table last night despite outshooting Boston 42-25. I suppose Ottawa would like the Ducks to win in regulation tonight, and we do owe them a favor for 2007...

Ah, whatevah! More cartoon recycling after the jump.

Turns out I have quite a few images in the archives devoted to the Boston Bruins -- here's nearly all of them! :)









Thanks, archives -- saved my ass once again! Feel free to recycle your praise for any of these old toons. :)

Prediction: I'm not going to be around for game comments tonight -- at least maybe not until the end of the game. Have fun without me! Bruins win, triggering a very minor riot in Vancouver.

Go Ducks.