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Kings Gameday: Trevor Lewis the Pugilist

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Los Angeles Kings
@ Vancouver Canucks

Monday, Mar 26, 2012, 7:00 PM PDT
Rogers Arena

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I appreciate the effort, Trevor, but, uh... don't ever do that again.

Hey, you know who else is having a stretch run? The Manchester Monarchs! In case you were unaware, the Manchester Monarchs Facebook page has been posting highlights of their games, which is awesome, and then also has interviews, which are boring and stupid. Watch them beat the Sharks, who are now so bad that they are losing to AHL teams. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Also, the Monarchs' best forwards are Andrei Loktionov (5'11"), Linden Vey (6'0"), Brandon Kozun (5'8"), and Justin Azevedo (5'7"). Tricky little sprites, aren't they?


Ever time I think Canucks fans can't possibly be bigger pussies, they go and do something like this... and TOTALLY REDEE- no wait, no they don't. Nevermind.


The Kings are on a 4-game road trip. That's 8 points. They need at least 5.

Prediction: Kings win, 1-0. Should have prayed to win the game, I guess!