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Sharks Gameday: Sunshine

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I know, Patrick, I'm sad too.
I know, Patrick, I'm sad too.

Pacific Standings

Phoenix 64 33 22 9 75
San Jose 63 33 23 7 73
Dallas 64 33 26 5 71
Los Angeles 64 29 23 12 70
Anaheim 64 27 27 10 64

(updated 3.2.2012 at 5:55 AM PST)

Damn it! This sucks!

We need some positivity around here.

We need a little sunshine.

Top 5 Greatest Youtube Clips Involving the Word "Sunshine"

#5 - Sunshine movie trailer

Well that was pretty great and inspirational (Sunshine is my 19th-favorite movie) but I need something happier.

#4 - Johnny Cash "You are My Sunshine"

Awesome. Johnny Cash always makes me think of my grandpa.

My drunken, abusive, pill-popping grandpa.

Good times.

#3 Brady Bunch "Sunshine Day"

Haha what the fuck? How was this crap ever acceptable as popular entertainment?

#2 - Cream "Sunshine of Your Love"

The fact that this song existed and was popular in 1967 means that people knew what great music was back then, which makes the previous "Brady Bunch" clip that much more inexplicable and inexcusable.

#1 - Futurama's Fry sings "Walking on Sunshine"

As a personal favor to Rudy I won't post the clip of Fry singing this song with his dog, because mentioning that dog always makes Rudy terribly, terribly sad.

Well I feel better now, how about you folks?

Next Game

St. Louis Blues
@ San Jose Sharks

Saturday, Mar 3, 2012, 7:30 PM PST
HP Pavilion

Complete Coverage >

Prediction: Win, lose, tie, who really cares? Just enjoy the sunshine, man.

(but the Sharks are going to totally win 3-1)